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Friday, November 2, 2012

Can Georgia Turn Blue?

With Election Day around the corner, the state of Georgia has already broken state records pertaining to early votes.  According to data collected by the Secretary of State’s Office, the number of votes cast has reached 1.3 million, with black votes accounting for 34 percent of the votes. This year’s election could be recorded as the largest black voter turnout event in Georgia’s history. In 2008, African Americans cast 30 percent of the votes, but that number is already up to 34 percent for this year’s election. The high turnout shows that there is enthusiasm in the Democrat party especially among African Americans. Georgia is not a swing state, so this high turnout is not suspected to turn the state blue. However, it does moves toward the goal of getting more African Americans to vote that many activists and leaders have been pushing for. It is important to note that if there was ever a chance for Georgia to be turned into a blue state, this is the time. Black votes are not enough to turn the state of Georgia blue though. Hispanics, Jews, blacks and all democrats must exercise their right to vote. To find out more about the voting results and process in Georgia you can visit